About Us

we stand proud in furnishing ground breaking engineering solutions.

Avimac places itself as one of Singapore’s leading Small Medium Enterprise, providing high precision machining parts to support a variety of industries specializing in Aerospace and Semiconductors.

Established in Apr 2018 as a start-up manufacturer of precision machining, our primary focus is to provide manufacturing solutions in the Aerospace and Semiconductors industry in Singapore.

Our aim is to provide high-quality machining services for the local and global markets in the Aerospace sector with a diversification into other sectors for a wider business opportunity. We work diligently towards delivering innovative ideas and solutions for our clients.

Our mission is to strive for consistency in order to guarantee productivity of high end products to our clients. We are constantly looking to improve our manufacturing capabilities for a greater satisfaction.

We will continue to strive & aim to be the leaders of innovation by revolutionizing our products and machine capabilities according to customers’ needs and to keep up with technological advanced industries.

We place great emphasis on continual improvement and commitment to the quality of our products to maintain our competitive advantage in the market.